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Sold 60Ft x 160Ft "Century" Marquee by Anchor Industries - Yorkshire


This is a tension tent / marquee. It uses it curvy shape to cheat the wind. Compare the a boxy framed marquee in the wind and you will see the frame tent rattle, flap and clank in the wind. However the Century marquee will stand there in strong silence!

This is because of it's sweeping shape. It is stretched in two directions which makes it much more resistant to the wind.

Tension marquee offer soaring beauty, with sailcloth peaks and eaves that provide a dramatic setting for any daytime or nighttime event. The Century tension tent at Anchor Industries is our flagship tent, representing our dedication to quality at its finest. This large, engineered marquees come in 60ft wide and 40ft, 70Ft and 100Ft, 130ft and 160ft long.

It excellent choice for weddings and glamorous, upscale, red carpet events. With elegant peaks, lofty ceilings, and spacious interiors, the overall quality and visual appeal of Century tension tents make them perfectly suited for high-end parties, galas, weddings, private affairs, and corporate events.

despite its size it can be transpored on 7.5T waggons and put up with a small crew. I have the marquee up with as little as four people in a day. However the lining, floor, catering marquee would take more crew or a few days to build.

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