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Sold Huge Marquee Job Lot DIY Marquees - Bedfordshire


We are selling all of our pole / tubular tent marquees.
All from DIY marquees purchased all within the last 3 or 4 years.

We have loads of kit which can make around up to 15 - 20 marquees.
This is all ex hire kit. Be a good for a start up or expansion.

2m walkways
3m marquees
4m marquees
6m marquees

Huge amount of linings for all the different sizes
Window walls, plain walls, doors, solid doors, panoramic walls

Stock List:

2m x 6m
3m x 6m
6m x 6m
6m x 8m
3m x 4m
3m x 8m
6m x 4m
4m x 10m
4m x 8m
6m x 24m
6m x 12m
6m x 10m
6m x 14m
3m x 10m
4m x 6m
4m x 4m
Loads of wall linings

18 x 6m frames
208 x 2m poles
53 x 3m roof poles
101 x 6m roof poles
140 x straight feet
54 x corner feet
70 x 4m roof extensions
32 x roof supports

5 X 4m ends
9 x 3m ends
Plain walls 16 +
Window walls 50 +
Clear walls 13
2m doors x 6
3m x 8m roof
3m x 2m roof
3m x 4m roof
3m x 6m roof
3m x 10m roof
3m x 12m roof
4m x 8m roof
4m x 8m roof
4m x 10m roof
4m x 10m roof
4m x 12m roof
4m x 6m roof
4m x 6m roof
4m x 12m roof
4m x 4m roof

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Delivery notes

Located in Hertfordshire but can deliver at extra cost
We can even set them up for you 1st time at extra cost

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Price: Sold

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